Sporty, comfortable and professional uniforms for crew onboard


Seritec has been super helpful to us organising crew uniform for onboard. We have a unique colour scheme and logo and there have been so many options of samples and styles to choose from.

It is nice to see high quality items to choose from that will last many wears onboard. We wanted our uniform to look sporty and comfortable but still professional too.

We have been very happy with the service from Seritec and they have been very accomodating with us changing our mind and sending samples back and fourth, excellent communication between emails and visits. We have looked at an extensive amount of products to get the right fit for us onboard and their expertise have been very helpful.

Everything is always well thought out and you know exactly what you will get because of the samples and graphic pictures. I am happy to say I will continue to use Seritec in the future, even when we leave to travel on the boat. Highly recommend to anyone needing crew gear.

Anna Hewinson
Chief Stewardess, SY Perseverance

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